How To Set-up Hotmail Account On iPhone?

Setting up Hotmail account on iPhone is easy. You need to access the Settings and then Mail. You can then enter the email address and password from the Add Account tab.

Being one of the most popular webmail services across the globe, Hotmail has everything the user looks for. But there are several issues which the user might encounter while setting up the email account on their iPhone. The reason is it is hard for iOS platform to detect Hotmail addresses unlike other web-mail providers.

For troubleshooting the webmail issue on iPhone, the user has to remove the previous logged in from the phone and start with the process again.

If you have any difficulty in doing so, you can reach Hotmail Support Australia for quick assistance.

How to set up Hotmail on iPhone?

Follow the below instructions for troubleshooting the webmail issue. The process is same for MSN, Live or Outlook account. The steps are also identical for setting up the Outlook on iPad:

  • From iPhone’s home screen, access ‘Settings’.
  • Click on ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’ app. If you have tried to set up your account earlier, choose it from the list and then ‘Delete Account’. Then select ‘Add Account’.
  • As the process is similar for all, select
  • You will notice a login page appearing on the screen. Click on ‘Next’ button after entering your email address.
  • Select ‘Sign in’ after entering email password.
  • Select the ‘Yes’ option as you are allowing iOS for accessing your data.
  • You can choose the data which you would like to access on your iPhone. You can also select it for synching the email, calendars, contacts as well as reminders. Everything will be turned on by default. Select the ‘Save’ button after selecting the options you want to use.
  • Also, select the ‘Mail’ application. You will also see your newly created account there.

Reach experts for further help at Hotmail Technical Support Number 1-800-870-079

If you have any issue with your email service or unable to resolve technical bugs then contact the team of technicians at toll-free number 1-800-870-079. The team is available to guide you round the clock. Or you can also reach the team by writing an email and the team will get back to you quickly after going through the query.

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